AFAEMME’s Annual Assembly in Barcelona

  Back row: Mrs. Elida Madhi, from the Professional & Business Women Association of Albania (PBWA); Mrs. Flutura Xhabija, Treasurer of AFAEMME and President of the PBWA; Mrs. Leila Karami, President of the Lebanese Business Women Association (LBWA); Mrs. Ludovina Moreira, General Secretary of Femmes Chefs D'entreprises (FCE) of France, Mrs. Beatriz Fdez-Tubau Rodès, Legal Adviser of AFAEMME and Mrs. Pilar Soler, from the Association of Businesswomen of Castellón (APMC). Front row: Mrs. Joana Pons, Vice-President of AFAEMME and President of the Association of Businesswomen of the Balearic Islands (ASEME); Mrs. Mª Helena de Felipe, President of AFAEMME and Mrs. Josefa Izquierdo Mor, General Secretary of AFAEMME and President of the APMC.  
  On September 18th AFAEMME celebrated its General Annual Assembly in Barcelona, Spain with the presence of representatives from different organisations of the network.

After holding the Assembly, the participants discussed some of the different topics that affect Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), such as the current global economic crisis, the possible solutions that can be found to confront its challenges and new forms of entrepreneurial development that can be approached.

Apart from the above, the members present in this meeting supported the proposal that each member Organization informs the President of AFAEMME about ideas, possible measures and projects oriented to increase the participation of women in decision-making positions in the economy.

AFAEMME’s next Annual Assembly will be hosted by the Lebanese Business Women Association (LBWA) in Beirut, Lebanon on May 2009, expecting that certain conditions are met to organize the event there.

AFAEMME’s President Participates in Meeting with Spain’s Minister of Equality
AFAEMME’s President, Mrs. Mª Helena de Felipe Lehtonen participated in a meeting held in Madrid, Spain on September 11th, 2008 hosted by Spain’s Minister for Equality, Her Excellency Mrs. Bibiana Aido and the Secretary of Equality Policies, Mrs. Isabel María Martínez Lozano.

Mrs. Bibiana Aido, Spanish Minister for Equality; Mrs. Elvira Mendez, President of the Organisation Health and Family and Mrs. Mª Helena de Felipe Lehtonen, President of AFAEMME

The meeting gathered together several Presidents of National Women Organisations from different areas and was held to present this new Ministry’s work plan as well as to collect opinions on the current situation of Spanish equality policies, as seen by these organisation leaders.

During the meeting, Mrs. Aido spoke about the existing differences between men and women, stating that “…We have to take into account that we come from different places: men have been socialized to take power, but women have been socialized to not take power” and she also stressed the need to connect structured inequalities between men and women.

It is expected that future meetings will be held to accompany the Ministry’s work in the years to come.