Save the date XVI Medawomen in Tangier 3rd october 2024

The XVI Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum edition this year will be held the 3rd October in Tangier Chamber of Commerce in Morocco. The main topic of the conference will be Women in Tech as the importance of having businesswomen and entrepreneurs trained in this area tech, some reasons about that, are: -Being a woman in Tech means closing the gender gap in the tech workforce, removing stigmas around gender, and driving innovation in the technology sector. - No matter how you look at it, a more gender-diverse workforce is better for business, especially in Tech. - The reason why we need women in tech is that diversity creates a more beneficial product for a significantly wider audience—a better product results in higher revenue and year-over-year company growth. Gender diversity reduces the gender bias that is currently prevalent in male-dominated industries - In addition, diverse teams produce more creative solutions, have a broader range of perspectives, and are more likely to retain top talent. Women make up a significant proportion of tech users, and having more women in product development can lead to more user-friendly designs. The XVI Mediterranean Women Entrepreneur Forum, bring together leading businesswomen, global leaders, partners from the private and public sector and entrepreneurs from across the Mediterranean.

Agenda Draft here: XVIMedaWomen2024-15.07.pdf

News Date

July 9, 2024