Afaemme Members participation in MedaWomen

Afaemme members, Presidents or Board Members, from countries around the Mediterranean Region, participate in the second session of MedaWomen in the panel "Empowering a New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs". They explained their "Best Practices" in supporting and nurturing young women entrepreneurs and community leaders on challenges and opportunities.
Our gratitude to our members:
Yomma EI Sheridy | President Businesswomen of Egypt21, BWE21 (Egypt)
Charlotte Gregory | President of Malta Association of Women in Business, MAWB (Malta)
Asmâa Morine | President of the Association of Francophone Networks of Women entrepreneurs, AREFFE (France)
Taghrid Nafeisi | President of Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women, JFBPW (Jordan) 
Lina Tsaltampasi | President Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, SEGE (Greece)
Tijen Mergen | Vice President of Woman Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey KAGIDER, (Turkey)
Aicha Amrani | President of Association des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises du Maroc, AFEM (Morocco) 
Monia Bousselmi | General Secretary Women Entrepreneur Council, CIFE (Tunisia)
Elvira Marasco | President International Relations AIDDA (Italy)
Cristina Visconti | Member of the board Selena Italy, SELENA (Italy)
Diana Kobayter | Founder, Zouyouti, Oils & Beyond / Young Entrepreneures Working Commission of ASCAME (Lebanon)
Nourah Mehyar | CEO and Co-founder Nafith Logistics (Jordan)



News Date

November 28, 2019