Ongoing Projects



Overall project value (EUR): 2040.- EUROS
Date: 2016
Coordinator: AFAEMME
Donors: Institut Català de les Dones
Location: AFAEMME headquarters (Barcelona)



Overall project value (EUR): 22.000.-
Date: January - December 2016
Scale of the investigations: Spain
Contract no: 370/2015
Coordinator: AFAEMME
Direct partners involved: Catalan Association of Business and Executive Women (ACEE), Businesswomen Association from Aragon (ARAME)

Supporting young women's professional development

Overall project value (EUR): 500.- EUROS
Date: 2016
Coordinator: AFAEMME
Donors: Several generous participants of the VII MEDA Women Entrepreneurs Forum & GB IBÉRICA 1618 S.L. 
Location: AFAEMME headquarters (Barcelona)

Supporting women's networks

Overall project value (EUR): 6.744,12 €
Date: January 2015 - December 2016
Scale of the investigations: Spain
Contract no: 32/2015 Spanish Women's Institute
Coordinator: AFAEMME
Direct partners involved: -

She decides, you succeed

Overall project value (EUR): 399.043,81 €
Date: September 2014 - September 2016
Scale of the investigations: Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, UK
Contract no: JUST/2013/PROG/AG/4889/GE
Coordinator: AFAEMME
Direct partners involved: Associazione Imprenditrici e Donne Dirigenti di Azienda - AIDDA (Italy), European Association for Women in Science, Technology and Engineering - WITEC (UK), Centre for Inclusive Leadership - CFIL (The Netherlands), Women Business Development Agency - WBDA (UK), Femei in Afaceri - AFEI (Romania), Women's NGOs Cooperation Network Latvia - LSOST (Latvia), Organización de Mujeres Empresarias y de Gerencia Activa - OMEGA (Spain), European Women Inventors and Innovators Network - EUWIIN (UK).