AFAEMME organized a visit Study activities with partner IZIKAD

AFAEMME is partner with a member, IZIKAD, in the project "Increasing the women's Status in Business Life", this projects aims for the better conditions for women in countries from the European Commission. Some of the activities organized for the project were an Study Visit in Barcelona, with a group of businesswomen from IZIKAD, that are CEO and owner of their companies. The objective of the Study Visit was know initiatives and projects in different companies leaded by women. During two day , 3rd and 4th February, we did this activities with successful results.

On February 4 th , iZiKAD and AFAEMME visited two organizations leadered by women and learned about the hardships women face in the business world. First, iZiKAD and AFAEMME visited Starlab, a leading research and innovation company based in Barcelona focused on the space and neuroscience industries. Starlab was founded by Ana Maiques, along with her husband, who is now also the CEO of Neuroelectrics, a company with the goal of developing innovative technologies to monitor and stimulate the brain. The Starlab and Neuroelectrics team, Aureli Soria-Frisch, Eleni Kroupi and Mirta Pinilla hosted this visit and discussed their journey as a female businesswomen. The companies CEO, Ana Maiques believes there is still a long way to go before gender equality is achieved and that as a mother of children it can be hard to balance work and home life. She also believes that there is still a long way to go before gender equality is achieved.

Next, iZiKAD and AFAEMME visited a Spanish cosmetics company, Natura Bissé. Natura Bissé was founded by Ricardo Fisas and his wife, Gloria Verges. Now their children Veronica, Ricardo and Patricia Fisas, are in charge of the company. Veronica is currently the CEO, Patricia is the leader of innovation and development of product and Ricardo is the director of corporate communication. IziKAD and AFAMME were given a tour of the entire building and learned all about the objectives, history and processes of the company, along with the humanitarian projects they are working on. Towards the end of the visit, iZiKAD proposed to work on a project in conjunction with Natura Bissé.

This marked the end of the activities planned for iZiKAD. Their visit was only the second phase of the Increasing the women’s status in Business Life project and AFAEMME and iZiKAD will continue to work on the project together in the future.


News Date

February 7, 2020