The EESC organized a hearing on Family and traditional businesses in regional development in Greece - Thessaloniki

Afaemme President's, Maria Helena de Felipe, as EESC member, has attended a public hearing on "Family and traditional businesses in regional development" in Thessaloniki last may 29th. The meeting is cooperation with the Federation of Traders, Producers and Entrepreneurs of Central-East Macedonia and Thrace and the Thessaloniki’s Traders Association. A number of topical industrial developments and trends are currently at the focus of attention. At the same time it should be recognised that people must live everywhere in Europe, including in many regions that these innovative trends are not likely to reach even in the next 50 years. Without undermining their importance and while supporting the political efforts promoting these trends, it is necessary to recall that these businesses are the key element in the creation of new activity and value in resource-constrained areas and are crucial to enhancing economic prosperity and cohesion across Europe. Against this background, the main objective of the hearing is to identify and analyse the particular challenges these businesses face and brainstorm on finding solutions and possibilities to support them, while useful links with cohesion policy will also be revealed. The findings of the hearing will feed into the own-initiative opinion on "The potential of family and traditional businesses to boost the development and economic growth in the regions" currently being drawn up. Afterwords, it was a meetig with Apostolina Tsaltampasi and Despoina Triakosari-Soultani, President and Vice-President of SEGE (Greek Asociation of women Enterpreneurs), for planning the next General Meeting and IX MEDA WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR FORUM.

News Date

May 30, 2017