About us

The Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) is a federation of businesswomen associations which was launched in 2002 in Barcelona (Spain) and which is currently comprised of 65 member organisations from 24 Mediterranean countries.


AFAEMME is a coordinator of European and Mediterranean business and gender equality projects and ground-breaking research, a networking platform for businesswomen and women entrepreneurs from all over the Mediterranean and a Euro-Mediterranean lobby organisation.


  • Strengthen gender equality
  • Economically empower women
  • Promote women entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate the access of women to decision-making positions in the economy


  • Promote equality at work and improve women’s professional development by eliminating discrimination
  • Promote the development of relations between Mediterranean businesswomen and women entrepreneurs
  • Promote International cooperation in the field of the promotion of equal opportunities for men and women
  • Contribute to the cultural development of businesswomen and women entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean
  • Coordinate the individual efforts of AFAEMME’s members by promoting common activities and projects in order to overcome isolation and to strengthen solidarity
  • Lobby for strengthening gender equality at work and facilitating the access of women to decision-making positions in the economy.


July 2002 was AFAEMME’s official launching. After different meetings in several regions and countries from the Mediterranean we managed to unite our forces and set up the Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen. On September 17th 2002 we celebrated the Official Opening in the presence of Mr. Rodrigo Rato, at the time Vice-President of the Spanish Government and Minister for Economy and former Director of the International Monetary Fund; Mr. Artur Mas, the Head of the Catalan Government; and Mr. Juan Rosell, the President of the Union of the biggest businesspeople of Catalonia. This event served to provide us with institutional support and empowered us to start developing international projects.