Women Entrepreneurship Days

AFAEMME, with the support of the project partners, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean and national universities, organized a series of WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAYS (WEDs) in the seven beneficiary countries of phase I and II, which were addressed to women university students who are about to graduate.

The Women Entrepreneurship Days were designed according to the specific needs of each country, by taking into account the current situation of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, the existence or not of incentives from the Government for women entrepreneurship and other similar factors.

The WEDs consisted of:

Women Entrepreneurship Seminars about:

  • Self-motivation and motivation
  • Key points for setting up a company and key legislative issues
  • Business planning with a gender perspective
  • Coaching for entrepreneurship

Exchange meetings with Role Models: Brilliant national businesswomen acted as role models for the participating students by explaining their personal experience and how they have managed it to become successful businesswomen.

Informative sessions about national entrepreneurship incentives system: In the case of countries whose governments offer incentives for entrepreneurship, it was explained how exactly the national incentives system works. 

Networking encounters: The participants had the opportunity to meet with other students and businesswomen in order to exchange information and establish possible collaborations.

Talent searching contest: The young participants had the chance to work on the development of business ideas with the WED experts and coaches and the implementing businesswomen association selected the best team.

At the end of the day, the participants obtained a project-related attendance diploma.