Main Results

The immediate purpose of the Programme is to facilitate the transition from education to work of young women university students who are about to graduate by providing them skills for job creation and entrepreneurship. The Programme was expected to train, coach and capture talented young women and help them to become future businesswomen.

The motivational coaching activities were implemented during several Women Entrepreneurship Days that took place in different universities of the involved countries. These Women Entrepreneurship Days consisted of seminars, exchange meetings with successful national businesswomen, networking encounters and a talent search contest. These motivation was completed by specific supporting action for those students who really wanted to start a business. Participants were helped by national businesswomen associations to develop a Business Plan and then had the opportunity to go through a series of training seminars about management, marketing and finance (phase II). The motivated and trained young women entrepreneurs also had access to individual mentoring and follow-up in order to achieve the goal of business creation (phase I).

In phase I, with 18 motivational Women Entrepreneurship Days, they were 800 young participants benefiting from the program.

The outputs of phase II were:

  • 1062 young women university students participating in 16 WEDs
  • 173 young women university students with a professional business plan
  • 130 young women university students trained in marketing, management and finance
  • 22 functioning businesses
  • Other 24 new businesses in the pipeline

You can read more about the specific outcomes (data and graphs about the main obstacles and main solutions for more young women entrepreneurship) here: YWJCII MAINRESULTS.pdf