Training Seminars

In order to guarantee the success and the durability of the potentially created start-ups it is crucial that the future young business owners have some fundamental business skills which young graduates do not necessarily have.

The Young Women as Job Creators' second phase therefore offered to those participants (graduated or about to graduate) who were advised by the national businesswomen associations (after their participation in the WEDs) and seriously worked on developing the corresponding business plan (because they really decided to embark in the start-up adventure) access to a series of group training courses on marketing, management and financial literacy.

  • Through the marketing training module the young entrepreneurs are now capable to better know and understand the consumers’ needs and to develop a marketing strategy which both satisfies and exceeds the customer’s needs.

  • The management training module familiarized the young beneficiaries with the wide array of challenges involved in supervising people and managing systems and projects (guidance on how to communicate effectively and motivate employees, team building, goal setting, how to handle performance reviews or time management, problem solving, …).

  • The financial literacy module helped them to understand basic financial concepts so that they were able (and will be able) to make informed financial choices: choosing and using the most adequate financial product and understanding its full implications in terms of risks, costs and benefits.

The training sessions required a very strong commitment from the participants (a lot of time and work though in-class exercises and homework). 

For the correct implementation of the training session from a gender perspective AFAEMME prepared specific manuals for the trainers.