Gender & Business Consulting

Gender & Business Consulting is create from AFAEMME conviction to promote equality, diversity and social responsibility.

Wealth in values, social wealth, wealth health, wealth teams, wealth of leadership and therefore wealth in productivity and efficiency in people business institutions and organizations.

We started conducting research studies at international, national and regional level on these matters, leading and participating in projects on these topics, making an end for AFAEMME, to raise awareness, to accompany, to advise and to train people, companies, institutions and organizations to establish, generate and design policies, processes and strategies:

· To promote and implement a culture and a way of working to ensure the institutionalization of equality

· To promote and implement an organizational culture focused on equality.

· To promote and implement the development of talent and leadership skills

· To promote and implement the equality of opportunity through the RCS

· To promote and encourage the reconciliation of the personal and working lives of people using time and family responsibility.

· To promote and encourage the skills and the attitudes of women to let them to develop their talents, which will affect their personal and professional satisfaction and therefore their effectiveness.

· To promote and help to achieve a personal and professional career path that result in a healthy and fulfilled life for people.


AFAEMME urges that Governments and other public institutions to elaborate regulations and policies to facilitate the reconciliation and equality.