Afaemme Partner in the project DREAM with The Balkan Women Coalition

AFAEMME is proud to present our new collaboration with the Erasmus+EU funded Project Digital Readiness Empowering Ambitious Middle-Aged Women Entrepreneurs, Project acronym, DREAM. The DREAM Project empowers ambitious middle-aged women by equipping them with essential digital skills to start their own business. Through a user-centric learning method and practical application in real-world examples, participants gain the skills needed to run a successful enterprise in today’s digital world.
The project will consist in four main activities:
 Digital focus groups: These are online sessions where middle-aged women can express
their digital literacy needs, challenges, and concerns, as well as share their opinions,
interests, and goals.
 Digital skills curriculum: covers four important areas of digital skills: digital marketing,
website development, social media management, and data analysis
 Training for learners: face-to-face training where middle-aged women can apply the digital
skills curriculum in action.
 Crowdsourcing platform: This is an online platform where middle-aged women can share
their experiences and knowledge with other learners and mentors.

News Date

June 10, 2024