DiaMed project to support activity creation and employment in the Maghreb

Coaching and Training for young entrepreneurs in the Maghreb

The DiaMed project to ''support activity creation and employment in the Maghreb - Migration to serve local development'' was launched in Algiers.

This EU-funded project, with a budget of 2.3 million euros, aims to contribute to local development and reinforce the entrepreneurial fabric of the Maghreb countries by 2015, through support activities of investment projects, innovation transfer, training and coaching, and customized assistance. The project, which is managed by the EU Delegation to Algeria, revolves around five major actions: reinforce the professionalization of the local support players of activity creation; encourage and assist the Maghreb countries' Diaspora to initiate business activity in the countries of origin; coach the Maghreb's young entrepreneurs to improve their visibility and develop their experience to structure an international project; reinforce entrepreneurs' capacities in the area of green technologies; train young graduates from the Maghreb countries in the management of innovative companies, and introduce them to very small businesses and SMEs. Several of these services will be provided by the Agence pour la Coopération Internationale et Développement Local en Méditerranée (ACIM)

For further information about the project and its services please view this document: Com Action Diaspora DiaMed_v2.pdf



News Date

May 23, 2013