Fourth meeting of the European Network of Women in Decision-Making in Politics and Economy

Maria Helena de Felipe Lehtonen, President of AFAEMME, participated in the third meeting of the Network, which took place in Brussels on April 3rd 2009 and was about role models.

Participants analyzed the different roles and behaviors associated with the female gender that difficult the overcoming of differences between men and women in the labour market by becoming the social stereotypes that, constructed by society, hinder the development and growth of women in the professional field.The members of the Network recognized the importance of role models in inspiring others and in shaping changes in the working and leadership environment for the benefit of other women. Successful role models can highlight issues, progress action and get responses by seeking interventions such as targets/quotas for the appointment of women, acting as “drivers” and exposing the difference between aspirations and actions and the lack of progress towards eliminating gender discrimination. Therefore, all participants concluded that the presence of women (and men) role models paves the way for better dialogue, more informed discussion and better decisions and outcomes.

News Date

April 3, 2009