Mª Helena de Felipe awarded at Medaweek 2016

On the 10th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, the Mediterranean Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) has awarded the Mediterranean Prize to the president of the Association of Mediterranean Business Organizations (AFAEMME), María Helena de Felipe, for her contribution to the empowerment of women in the European region. Ascame awards each year the Mediterranean award to personalities, companies, foundations or entities whose actions have a positive impact on the development of the region and on the transmission of values. Ascame highlighted that the prize has been awarded to Ms. De Felipe, also President of Fepime, for "contributing to the socio-economic development of the region, in particular to women’s empowerment of women." The Association of Business Organizations of the Mediterranean is a federation of business associations that was born in 2002 in Barcelona and it currently comprises 51 member organizations from 24 Mediterranean countries. Its objectives are the strengthening of gender equality, the economic empowerment of women, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the promotion of women's access to decision-making positions in the economy.

News Date

December 1, 2016