Seventh meeting of the European Network of Women in Decision-Making in Politics and the Economy

Mrs. Mª Helena de Felipe, AFAEMME’s President, attended the seventh meeting of the European Network of Women in Decision-making in Politics and the Economy, held in Brussels last December 15th.

During this encounter, participants mainly discussed about the gender pay gap existing in decision-making positions and about the most effective methods to reduce it.

Mrs. De Felipe highlighted that in Spain the biggest pay gap exists in management positions (17%) where differences among salaries of women and men are bigger than in lower positions. Among the managerial positions, there are more differences in the case of Human Resources management (23,51%), followed by the Financial management (23,26%) and the General management (22,17%).

Members of the Network pointed out that legislation should establish good practices to reduce the gender pay gap at all levels (included in decision-making positions) to be implemented by companies. As incentive for the implementation of GPG reduction measures, companies that follow the good practices established by law should receive a special official emblem. The emblem would recognize the company’s efforts in guaranteeing that there are no wage differences among a woman and a man developing the same functions and having the same responsibilities.

News Date

December 15, 2010