Appui à la Mise à Niveau en Compétences de l'Association des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises du Maroc – AFEM

  • Overall project value (EUR): 296.671,41EUR
  • Nº of staff provided: 8
  • Date: 12/2003 - 11/2005
  • Scale of the Investigations: Morocco
  • Contract nº: Agreement Ref. 6012/03 (2004) and 15545 (2005)
  • Members Involved: AFAEMME (Spain)  and AFEM (Morocco) -AFAEMME Member-…

Description of the investigations, studies and activities:

One of the fundamental factors that have contributed to the development of Catalonia (Spain) has been the enterprising spirit of its businesswomen. Description of the activities leaded between the organisations:

> To formulate recommendations towards the reinforcement of the powers of Moroccan women in economic life and to encourage the enterprise spirit

> To modernise the structure of the board of AFEM for the Moroccan businesswomen based on an approach and methodology of modern management of the business organisation and business services. 
> To support the interests of female entrepreneurs towards the government and national and international authorities within the framework of the activities and of lobbying for change.

> To put in place a structure of flexible and multidisciplinary consultancy services with the aim of focusing on and supporting gender equality for the insertion and participation of small and medium companies in the economy.

> To modernise the structure of consultancy of encouragement to give and to promote the professional skills of Moroccan businesswomen.

To ensure a follow-up of commercial links in the area of international business in the framework of the opening of a free movement zone with Europe.