Emprendedora Plus 2010

  • Overall project value (EUR): 24.000 €
  • Date: 2010
  • Direct partners involved: AFAEMME

Description of the investigations, studies and activities:

The project aims to help the women entrepreneurs who participate in its activities to create their own company thanks to effective advising, that goes beyond technical advising. The purpose of the project is to guide them on how to create a realistic business plan and to detect their own potential, their personal and professional abilities, their capacity to lead a project, providing them the necessary tools so that they can apply them to make to conciliate their personal and professional life and the situation that represents to create a company which should be directed to its consolidation.

Expected results:

  • Provide advise to women entrepreneurs
  • Accomplishment of a business plan
  • Networking sessions between women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, and
  • Carrying out a seminary on motivation and self-motivation