Engage Men and Grow your Business

Overall project value (EUR): 30.167,00 €
Date: January – December 2013
Scale of the investigations: Spain
Contract no: 237/12, Spanish Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality
Coordinator: AFAEMME
Direct partners involved: Catalan Association of Business and Executive Women (ACEE), Association of Businesswomen from Miranda del Ebro


This project is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of engaging men in order to promote women’s professional growth. AFAEMME will offer two seminars (one in July in Barcelona and another in October in Burgos) about the benefits of co-responsibility to 80 Spanish businesswomen/women entrepreneurs and their partners/husbands.

In the framework of this programme, AFAEMME is going to elaborate an analysis of the current situation in Spain with regard to co-responsibility and work-life balance and a final project report, which will gather the perceptions of the participating men and women and offer a series of recommendations.