• Overall project value (EUR): 60 968,44 EUR
  • Nº of staff provided: 6 + 21 network orqanrsations
  • Date: 2003 - 2004
  • Scale of the Investigations: EU Mediterranean countries and 10 New EU Members
  • Contract nº: European Commission DG Enlargment PHAREi20A3/064-566

Description of the investigations, studies and activities:

The project consists of a work programme, a project of a study armed to present the institutions in Europe - mainly to the European Commission -, some ref lections and recommendations on the roles that the Businesswomen Entrepreneurs Associations can and should play in the new candidate countries of the enlargement In matters of the Community Acquires mainly regarding the strengthening of the internal market, social dialogue and support for the Small ¿and Medium Enterprises.

AFAEMME focalised the project on the strategic perspective of supporting and strengthening social dialogue for the development of the European internal market from a "Mediterranean vision", due to the strategy to transmit and transfer experiences and knowledge of those Businesswomen Associations, Executives and Directors who have experienced a similar development in the previous enlargement of the European Union "towards the south" and who have established themselves since then as key socio-economic actors in their country The culminating point of this program was the organisation of the Forum MEDPHARE of Barcelona '29 31/O1/2004 that has allowed, on one hand, "to bring together and to communicate" the Associations of the candidate counties with their counterpart of the Mediterranean countries (north and south - l\4EDA -) and with the European Commission and, on the other hand, to debate and to consider the strategic role of the participation of the Organisations in its policies.