Promoting Female Entrepreneurship in Universities

  • Overall project value (EUR): 29.100,00 €
  • Date: January - December 2011
  • Scale of the investigations: Catalonia and Andalusia
  • Contract no: 441/001/2010
  • Coordinator: AFAEMME
  • Direct partners involved: Catalan Businesswomen Association (ACEE) and one Andalusian partner to be selected.

This project, which was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, aimed at promoting -among future female university graduates of technical, scientific and creative careers- the enterprising spirit in order to contribute to a greater creation of woman-led companies.

By incentivizing young women who are about to graduate and indicating them what to do in order to start-up a company, AFAEMME wanted to capture female talents in universities and help them to become future businesswomen and, in this way, do it's bit to a more equal world in terms of women/men-led enterprises.

In Spain, most times universities do not offer a specific advice service for students who would like to set up a company once graduated or before and only in degrees such as Economics or Law students are getting some information about business creation. AFAEMME wanted therefore to assume this role, specifically by offering students from the south and the north of Spain seminars on entrepreneurial motivation and company-creation strategies.