Today's students, tomorrow's entrepreneurs

  • Overall project value (EUR): 28.518,00 €
  • Date: January - December 2012
  • Scale of the investigations: Catalonia and Valencia
  • Contract no: 360/11 IRPF
  • Coordinator: AFAEMME
  • Direct partners involved: high schools from Catalonia and Valencia

The project "Today's Students, Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs" was subsidized by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

The reason that justified this project was the fact that in Spain people is more prone to work for others and less prone to be self-employed. The project consisted of educating 16-18 aged students about entrepreneurship with the aim of instilling a spirit of leadership and business initiative in them. By realizing a series of seminars, experts passed on some basic notions and skills by already introducing a gender perspective and students had the opportunity to learn about the experiences of successful businesswomen (role models) in order to loose a widespread fear of becoming self-employed and to get interested in starting-up a business in the near future. The seminars took  place in high schools in Catalonia and Valencia.

You can download the project's Final Report (in Spanish) here:

INFORME EstudiantesHoyEmprendedorasMañana.pdf