Women and job mobility: obstacles and solutions for women in Information and Communications Technologies (TICs)

  • Overall project value (EUR): 327.550
  • Nº of staff provided: 12 + 2 networks
  • Date: 2007/2008
  • Scale of the investigations: Spain, Italy and Ireland
  • Contract no:European Commission – Grant Agreement VS/2006/0643

Direct Partners involved: ITC-ILO (leader), SIPTU and IAL

Description of the investigations, studies and activities:

This project has been focused on two clusters: women and Information and Communication Technologies. The idea has been to address the female population in the European labour market in order to produce a leverage on workers mobility. At the same time, focusing on women and on a specific subject of economic growth (Lisboan Strategy-Knowledge economy) a multiple effect on job mobility can be obtained. The project propose refers to the increasing of the job mobility of women in the TICs at large, trying to combine a more dynamic labour market in the TIC sector and the empowerment of high skill component of the female European labour market.

Main Activities:

  • Study on obstacles that prevent women from working in TIC sector. 
  • AFAEMME has developed a specific section on the website on www.womemobility.org of a promotional and informative type on job opportunities for young women in TIC and what can be done to overcome the obstacles they find. 
  • There have been four workshops to sensitize local actors, social partners, education and training institutions on the obstacles and opportunities related to job mobility of women in ICT sector. The first one was a kick off seminars in Torino (Italy) for the launching of the project with the participation of social partners. The second was a International Large Scale Conference in Murcia (Spain) on 21st and 22nd of March to see the situation of businesswomen in the mediterranean countries and analice the obstacles and solutions for young women in TICs . Next one was a seminar-workshop in Dublin to present the results and the involvement of employers, workers and education (training institutions) The last one will be the closure seminar in Turin on 21st February 2008 for the presentation of an Action Plan on job mobility for Women in the TICs.