Women Mobility Information Campaign

  • Overall project value (EUR): 146.942,00 EUR
  • Nº of staff provided: 5 + 4 network organizations
  • Date: 2003-2004
  • Scale of the Investigations: EU Mediterranean countries
  • Contract nº: EU Commission - DG Empl/A/3 VS/2003/0370
  • Direct Partners involved: Businesswomen of Greece - SEGE (Greece)  -AFAEMME Member- FIDAPA (Italy) -AFAEMME Member-, DIRIGEANTES (France) -AFAEMME Member- and Businesswomen organization ACE&E (Spain) -AFAEMME Member- ...

Description of the investigations, studies and activities

WOMEN MOBILITY CAMPAIGN was an information campaign (for the support of the launching of the European Commission EURES portal) dedicated to the size, opportunities and key possibilities of labour and geographic job mobility from a capability perspective that the Mediterranean Market offers. This information campaign included two key activities to ensure a maximum diffusion and a sustainable global strategy:

> The production and distribution by the businesswomen organisations of information material about key aspects of the job mobility regarding ability matters that the regional Mediterranean markets offer. The objective was to produce a "picture" in 21 regions of the 4 countries of the EU in the Mediterranean basin, of the possibilities of the job and geographic mobility that represents these labour markets particularly aimed to employers, professionals and executives, in order to attract a great number of qualified women.

> The creation of www.womenmobility.org, the AFAEMME Web Portal specialized and registered in the framework of a wider European network for the broadcasting and the awareness, over the Mediterranean, about the benefits of the geographic mobility towards this region.

The AFAEMME action plan was planned as a model or a source of inspiration for future regions interested -especially for the MEDA countries in the mobilization of similar groups.