Save the Date: XIV MedaWomen in Alejandria (Egypt)

We are pleased to announce the 14 edition of the MedaWomen in the framework of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of ASCAME, the 20 th Anniversary of AFAEMME and the Centenary of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce on the 13 th and 14 th October 2022 in Alexandria, Egypt.
The XIV Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum will highlight the importance of European youth in building an upgraded future: greener, more inclusive and digital, and help them to hasten the growth of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Mediterranean region through access to information, contacts, and capital. The XIV Mediterranean Women Entrepreneur Forum main purpose is to advice, guide and support the young women entrepreneurs to achieve their main goals and become the new European entrepreneurs.
Our commitment to building a better economy for the Mediterranean region. Despite the unprecedented changes and uncertainty of the pandemic, our goal is to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Our economies are evolving, our way of life is changing, and our countries, regions or cities must respond. We are dedicated to helping our members make sense of this new reality and ensure that our economy continues to flourish for generations to come.
We are proud of our origin, but we look firmly to the future. Whether it is betting on a sustainable energy transition or defending innovation, focused on the human being and the digital revolution, promoting women in decision making positions, we cannot stop in search of something better to build a common future for the Mediterranean our region.

News Date

March 29, 2022