Agregando Valor, Rompiendo Estereotipos - Add Value, Break Stereotypes

  • Overall project value (EUR): 25.000,00
  • Date: 2008/2009
  • Scale of the investigations: Spain
  • Coordinator: AFAEMME
  • Contract no: 309/08 IRPF, Spanish Ministry of Education, Social Policies and Sport

Description of the project:

The project “Agregando Valor, Rompiendo Estereotipos” is a project developed by AFAEMME with the purpose of spreading data regarding the situation of women in the labour market and the existence of gender stereotypes in Spanish Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the economic impact that these stereotypes have in different economic sectors.

The information disseminated by this project is based on the reports generated by the project “Break gender stereotypes, give talent a chance” which was designed in response to a Call for Tenders financed by the EU PROGRESS Programme in the year 2008 and executed in 15 countries of the European Union. The project’s overall objective was to help private sector companies, in particular SMEs and in all sectors, to better understand the socio-economic benefits of combating gender stereotypes, and ultimately improve their ability to act and eliminate gender-based discrimination at the workplace. The project’s closing conference was held in Brussels on November 2008.

Main Activities:

  1. Two dissemination workshops. The events, which will be held in Barcelona and Madrid, will inform the target audience about the European and Spanish legislation regarding equality in the labour market, the economic benefits that SMEs can obtain when fighting gender stereotypes and will present, as well, a set of tools to help companies improve their capacity to gender discrimination in the labour scope.
  2. An information campaign will be carried out through which data on gender stereotypes in SMEs and the economic benefits of gender equality will be divulged through:
    • Four electronic bulletins
    • Project up-dates in WebPages
    • Press releases

Project’s Dissemination Bulletins

You can download here the Project’s Dissemination Bulletins in Spanish: